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Climate goals achieved. Faster to better building designs.

We have developed the world’s most powerful building simulation platform.
 With our solutions you not only get more sustainable buildings, but also more cost-efficient ones in less time.

Generative design – saving time and increasing quality

Metabuild generates building designs based on urban planning specifications and your requirements for the mix of uses. Each generated variant is evaluated in terms of space efficiency, cost, comfort and sustainability.

The result: Intelligently calculated first drafts. Perfect for further work by your architects. IFC download included.

Get building designs. Holistically optimized with AI-supported variant analyses.

Based on initial architectural designs (cubature/floor plans) and your objectives, Metabuild generates the best planning variants for building envelope, TGA and energy supply.

The simulation-based process includes detailed analyses of energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, construction costs, operating costs, life cycle costs and comfort parameters.


The result: lower costs, greater convenience, and improved sustainability – all while speeding up the process.

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