We revolutionize the design of real estate projects.

We have developed a groundbreaking AI technology that enables real estate professionals to create better buildings. Based on BIM and building simulations, we explore billions of possible scenarios for each project. The result: the best solutions with deep insights into CAPEX, OPEX, comfort and energy performance.

At Metabuild architects, engineers and software developers work hand in hand.

Reinventing building design

Metabuild helps real estate developers and architects unlock the full potential of their building projects. Our AI-driven cloud software enables our clients to improve energy-efficiency, occupant comfort and cost-effectiveness of their projects.

We’re deeply convinced that every building project on this planet can benefit from better decisions on architecture and building components. That’s why we’re obsessed with bringing decision-making to a new era using advanced building simulation and AI-driven optimization.

Based in Berlin, Germany, we are a team of innovation-driven experts bridging the gap between architecture, engineering and software development.

Meet the management team

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